Shweta Bansal

Shweta Bansal Assistant Professor of Biology
Email: shweta.bansal 'at'
Office: Regents 510


Ewan Colman

Ewan Colman Postdoctoral Researcher
Email: ec975 'at'
Office: Regents 512



Stephan Leu

Stephan Leu Postdoctoral Researcher
Office: Regents 512




Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee PhD Student in Global Infectious Diseases
Email: ecl48 'at'
Office: Regents 561



Pratha Sah

Pratha Sah PhD Student in Biology
Email: ps875 'at'
Office: Regents 561



Casey Zipfel

Casey Zipfel PhD Student in Biology
Office: Regents 561




Abbey Woolverton

Pratha Sah PhD Student in Global Infectious Diseases (Rotating Student)
Office: Regents 561



Sandra Goldlust

Sandra Goldlust Research Associate
Email: sandra.goldlust 'at'
Office: Regents 561



Olivia Reyes

Olivia Reyes Undergraduate Research Assistant & Raines Fellow (2016)
Email: omr2 'at'
Office: Regents 561



Kristofer Muzzi

Kristofer Muzzi Undergraduate Research Assistant
Email: kpm67 'at'
Office: Regents 561



Jose Mendez

Jose Mendez Undergraduate Research Assistant
Email:jdm286 'at'
Office: Regents 561



Kristen Spies

Kristen Spies Undergraduate Research Assistant
Email: kas346 'at'
Office: Regents 561



Daniel Fields

Daniel Fields Undergraduate Research Assistant & Kalorama Fellow (2016)
Email: dmf61 'at'
Office: Regents 561





Eric Mooring Eric Mooring, B.S. in Enviornmental Biology
Was Churchill Scholar at Cambridge University
Now ScD student in Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health


Mona Hussein Mona Hussein, M.S. in Mathematics & Statistics
Now at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington DC


Sarah Kramer Sarah Kramer, B.S. in Biology of Global Health
Was Fulbright Scholar in Berlin studying HIV dynamics
Now PhD student in Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia

David Schaffer David Schaffer, B.S. in Biology of Global Health
Now MPH/MD student at UNC School of Medicine


Deepa Pindolia Deepa Pindolia, Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar
Now at Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)


Eamon O'Dea Eamon O'Dea, Postdoctoral Researcher
Now Postodc at University of Georgia, Athens


Madeline Campbell, Undergraduate Research Assistant & ZK Fellow
Now at Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation


Anne Ewing, Undergraduate Research Assistant & CBL Scholar
Now MD student at University of Louisville


Madison Pachoe, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Now CDC Public Health Associate at AK Dept of Health


Ian Carroll, Postdoctoral Scholar
Now Data Science Instructor at SESYNC